Photographer Jacquie Matechuk Represents Canada at the 2021 World Photographic Cup


Jacquie Matechuk is representing Canada in the 2021 World Photographic Cup, a prestigious photography award in which photographers from 38 to 40 countries participate.  To unite photographers with a spirit of friendship and co-operation the World Photographic Cup was founded in the year 2103 by The Federation of European Photographers(FEP) and Professional Photographers of America(PPA).  Matechuk says it is an Olympic of the photographic cup as the concept ensures the best and top images from each country.  The pandemic locked down the people inside their houses and hence the busy Calgary downtown was empty which ended up as a motivation for Matechuk's inspiring photograph.  Most commonly known for her sports and travel photography, Matechuk says expanding her interest widens her skill and perspective of looking at things in a new way.  Here we share a few wonderful works of Jacquie Matechuk for you to explore and enjoy.

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Fineart Photography Building By Jacquie Matechukfineart photography building by jacquie matechuk Wildlife Photography Panda By Jacquie Matechukwildlife photography panda by jacquie matechuk Night Photography By Jacquie Matechuknight photography by jacquie matechuk Landscape Photography Golden Hues By Jacquie Matechuklandscape photography golden hues by jacquie matechuk Wildlife Photography Bird By Jacquie Matechukwildlife photography bird by jacquie matechuk Bird Photography Flamingoes By Jacquie Matechukbird photography flamingoes by jacquie matechuk Night Photography Canadian Aurora Borealis By Jacquie Matechuknight photography canadian aurora borealis by jacquie matechuk Fineart Photography Birds By Jacquie Matechukfineart photography birds by jacquie matechuk Wildlife Photography Bird By Jacquie Matechukwildlife photography bird by jacquie matechuk Fineart Photography Lemondrop By Jacquie Matechukfineart photography lemondrop by jacquie matechuk

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