500 Year Old Leonardo Da Vinci Stolen Painting Seizes Italian Police


A 500-year-old painting is returned to the museum. It was discovered in a flat in Italy. The museum staff was not aware this painting had been stolen. The painting was a copy of Salvator Mundi was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. It was found in Naples in a bedroom cupboard on Saturday.  It is believed that this was a copy that was painted by one of the students of da Vinci.

The owner of the flat was 36-year-old and was arrested on suspicion grounds for receiving stolen goods, confirmed by police. The finding of this painting was a brilliant operation of diligent police. The artwork is the Doma Museum collection located in the city at the San Domenico Maggiore church. The painting was stolen did not come to notice as the room was kept closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Police are investigating the possibilities leading to the theft, as there is no break-in sign at the museum. Who painted the artwork is also not known, though experts believe it to be one of the students of Lenorado’s to have done in the 1500s. The painting shows Christ with one hand raised and the other holding a glass sphere.

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